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Terra (land) Tuesday- "Getting the Lay of The Land Pt.1"

We thought it would be nice to start to introduce the land to everyone. We live on about 30 acres on a historic homestead in the Texas Hill Country, right on the border of Blanco and Spring Branch, 40 miles north of San Antonio and 50 miles South West of Austin.

The property was first settled by the Liesmann family in 1846. ( a proper post about their fascinating history coming soon) The original Barn, Smoke House, Ranch Hand House, and parts of the main house still remain. Although everything has been restored and updated, most of the original stone and pine cabinetry is still in place.

There are 9 structures on the property-

The main house - occupied by my amazing momma and daddio (Kim &Tony)

The Guest house- 2 bdrm 2 bth ready for all guests and currently being used as our work space.

Ranch Hand/Cowboy House- Currently occupied by my lovely Aunt Teri ( Kim's sister)

The Zen House- Currently occupied by myself and my hubby, Ethan.

The Smoke House

The Barn- Currently being updated and restored into an art studio for my talented mother and to hold future art classes.

Music Studio- We all LOVE music here. We have 3 musicians on the land, myself, Ethan and my dad. I also do a lot of my voice over work in the studio.

The Garage/Gym

The tiny Green house.

We share the land with 2 horses ( Kai and Hogan), a Donkey (Banjo), a Llama (Pico), and 5 egg layin chickens ( Rosa Pecks, Margaret Hatcher, Dolly Pardhen, Betsy Roost, & Goldie Hen), lots of beautiful native plants and trees, and a growing garden.

We shall start with 2 of the original buildings, the smokehouse and the Ranch Hand AKA Cowboy house.

THE SMOKEHOUSE- This is currently being used as extra storage for gardening and yard work tools. We've talked about turning it back into a smokehouse to smoke some meat that Ethan Hunts. We've also talked about turning into a "root cellar" or canning room. We shall see what happens and what makes the most sense. For now, it's just super cute.

THE RANCH HAND/COWBOY HOUSE- This adorable little abode was home to the ranch hand that used to work for the 2nd family that lived on the property, The Studers-Wards (great post about them coming soon). My aunt Teri has brought life to the stone house. It's so cozy and makes you feel like you're in some romantic movie set on the western plains.

There is SO much to share about this land. The homes, the garden, the animals, the projects! We'll keep updating adding to "Terra Tuesdays" to get everyone acquainted with the Land.

Living here has brought us all so much close to each other and to nature. We are learning every day, and we are excited to have you as a part of that experience.

Have a blessed day!

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